The technology backbone that helped springboard FidoCure into one of the top leaders in oncology research for dogs.

Founded in 2015, FidoCure is one of the top leaders in oncology research for dogs. Bluprints became a strategic partner for FidoCure in early 2016, we helped them create the technology that was used to collect data for their initial clinical research so that they could get their drug/therapy FDA approved and certified.


FidoCure had a revolutionary idea. To get their canine oncology therapy FDA approved FidoCure had to launch and complete a series of clinical trials so that they could collect data about the intervention.

To drive this vision forward, FidoCure needed an EDC (electronic data capture) system that could handle the complex business logic, and workflows specific to their study protocols & therapies.


Bluprints met with the founders of the company and their CMO (Chief Medical Officer) to determine desired business outcomes/objectives, and to create a strategy on how the project would go, and what success metrics we would use to indicate a home run.

Bluprints then met with their clinical research team to review requirements, and to map out what an MVP (minimal viable product) would look like. This included working with them on a roadmap that was used to help explain timelines and relevant benefits to key stakeholders.

Bluprints worked with their teams to create a technology vision including wireframes and technical specs for what the system would look like. This included everything from fonts & colors, to advanced features like roles & permissions, etc.

Bluprints created all the technical specs and documentation to support the requirements of the system and began to build using a lean agile, and iterative approach.


Our agile & rapid implementation of the MVP led to several key factors for the success:

  • The project was completed on time and on budget.
  • FidoCure received FDA approval for their therapy.
  • FidoCure is now one of the top leaders in oncology research for dogs.

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