Instant Access

Instant Access

Bluprints assisted Instant Access in the development of a HIPAA compliant web and mobile application that allows patients to instantly message and schedule appointments with a scheduler at the doctor’s office.


While making a phone call may seem like the fastest and most efficient way to schedule a doctor’s appointment, often times it ended in this exact scenario - patient calls the provider phone, listens to an automated message, presses a bunch of numbers, gets transferred to the doctor’s nurse’s line, and leaves a message.  Often times providers do not receive all their phone calls or voicemail messages. Notes get lost in the pile, too many phone tags and unreturned phone calls all resulted in appointments not being made which resulted in the loss of potential revenue and decreased  patient satisfaction.


Bluprints met with Dr Robert Cloud, one of the founders of Instant Access who is currently a medical provider at his own practice, to tackle the business challenge he’s facing due to the inefficiency of phone calls. After a lengthy discussion, Bluprints implemented Instant Access, a HIPAA compliant web and mobile application that allows patients to message schedulers in real time.


Our rapid implementation of the MVP led to several key factors for the success:

  • The web and mobile app project was completed on time and on budget.

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