PatientWing is a  patient recruitment platform for clinical research that inspires, educates and instantly connects patients with the research team.

Bluprints designed, developed and successfully launched PatientWing, a user-friendly web application that comprises of robust features such as clinical trial status tracker, patient screening, patient scheduling, custom trial page, etc.

Bluprints also developed a complete brand identity for PatientWing including logo, various brand elements, sales & marketing materials, social media post & banner design, etc.

PatientWing gained a significant traction in the clinical trial patient recruitment market. They are now working with multiple clinical research teams across the nation to provide the platform as a tool to assist with the recruitment process. PatientWing was also able to present the look and feel of their brand cohesively across all marketing resources, which gives their audience a positive first impression. PatientWing’s brand stand out from their competition and become more recognizable.

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