Bluprints worked with TAD to design TadHealth, a mental health wellness platform that provides users with resources to mental health professionals and learn how to maintain mental health wellness.


Mental health progress is usually hard to track and maintain. Meanwhile, demand for mental health support is at an all-time high. TAD’s goal is to build a mental health wellness platform that to help support the mental health challenges and demand. One of their first step to fulfill this goal is to secure funding from investors.


Bluprints met with one of the founders of TAD to brainstorm and design TadHealth MVP, an easy-to-use, measurable and modern platform to improve access and outcomes for mental health challenges. We designed TadHealth with a goal to provide tools and techniques to create changes for better overall wellbeing.


Our design team implemented UX strategy and created a functioning prototype with a fully fleshed out concept for the MVP that gave TAD team one of the most important tool for their pitch to increase a chance of securing the funding.

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